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Foto-Foto Kereta Peluru Cina (P.R.C)
Ini foto kereta peluru Cina Daratan jurusan Beijing-Shanghai abis searching di mbah Google (udah ada belum ya tritnya? kalau udah ada tolong digabung aja):

Tampak atas

Kabin masinis, sudah pakai kendali sinyal teknologi tinggi dari Bombardier

Jalurnya, dari Beijing ke Tianjin

Stasiun Tianjin

Foto-foto oleh Benjamin Lowy

Artikelnya (masih bahasa Inggris):
Quote:Creating a rail system in a country of 1.3 billion people guarantees that the scale will be gargantuan. Almost 16,000 miles of new track will have been laid when the build-out is done in 2020. China will consume about 117 million tons of concrete just to construct the buttresses on which the tracks will be carried. The total amount of rolled steel on the Beijing-to-Shanghai line alone would be enough to construct 120 copies of the "Bird's Nest" -- the iconic Olympic stadium in Beijing. The top speed on trains that will run from Beijing to Shanghai will approach 220 miles an hour. Last year passengers in China made 1.4 billion rail journeys, and Chinese railroad officials expect that in a nation whose major cities are already choked with traffic, the figure could easily double over the next decade.

Construction on the vast multibillion-dollar project commenced in 2005 and will run through 2020. This year China will invest $50 billion in its new high-speed passenger rail system, more than double the amount spent in 2008. By the time the project is completed, Beijing will have pumped $300 billion into it. This effort is of more than passing historical interest. It can be seen properly as part and parcel of China's economic rise as a developing nation modernizing at warp speed, catching up with the rich world and in some instances -- like high-speed rail -- leapfrogging it entirely.

But this project symbolizes even more than that. This monumental infrastructure build-out has become the centerpiece of China's effort to navigate the global financial crisis and the ensuing recession.

Menurut rekan-rekan, apakah sistem kereta peluru di Cina ini bisa diterapkan untuk MRT Jakarta/Surabaya dengan biaya yang hampir sama ($ 350 milliar)?

Saya memohon maaf sebesar-besarnya apabila ada ada kata-kata atau foto yang tidak berkenan dalam postingan ini.

Terima kasih - arigatou gozaimasu - xie xie Xie Xie
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