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some indonesian models far from home...
Hello there!
I hope you don't mind I write in english here... if it is a problem, please tell me so... I only speak english, dutch and german... Wink..
After building models of steam locomotives from Holland for some years, but that was getting boring and I wanted something else, so I started making indonesian engines. Indonesian steam engines are far more interesting and because they were in use so much longer I could use a lot of weathering on the models, which I like a lot.
I built them in scale 1:66 so I could use normal H0-gauge parts and track... the bodys are made of polystyrene sheet mostly, frame and wheels are parts used from old H0 locomotives.
Currently I am also working on a very small layout (120x60 cm) loosely based on the Cibatu depot.
stuff I've built so far:
C1127 as it was used in Cibatu in 1980

F1007, the first indonesian engine I built:

CC5012, also cibatu 1980

and various rolling stock:

At the moment I have started making some designs for the Cibatu-engine shed that will be on the layout
when any of you has some Cibatu pictures or know whewre to get such pictures I would be vary glad if you would share it... and I hope you guys will find this interesting!

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some indonesian models far from home... - by Floris - 06-06-2010, 05:00 AM

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